Yamir Islam is from the City of Saints: Multan, Pakistan. I completed my Pharm. D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) at the University of Lahore (UOL), Pakistan and then started working as a formulation scientist in “Festel Laboratories”. After this I gained an MSc in Health Services and Management, followed by another MSc degree in Pharmaceutical Manufacture & Quality Control, where I worked on multi-layered 3D printed fast dissolving oral films. The work experiences in industry, MSc programs and the childhood quest for higher studies dragged me to the PhD in LJMU. In this project, I am working on the development of “Novel enzyme responsive nano-carriers for drug delivery to the brain” under the supervision of Dr Chris Coxon, Dr Touraj Ehtezazi and Dr Andrew Leach. I hope that these nanocarriers can be used as therapeutic and diagnostic agents in neurodegenerative diseases with no toxicity and immunogenicity. Apart from work, I like to watch cricket and political talk shows.Type your paragraph here.

Leach Research Group