Mauno Lius

Leach Research Group

Mauno obtained his MSc in Medicinal Chemistry from Cardiff University in 2022 that culminated in a final project involving the organic synthesis of naphthofuranyl oxadiazole-containing molecules for potential use as novel antibiotics under Michaela Serpi. After a one-year break, he is now in Manchester pursuing a PhD project titled "Developing and Applying New Computational Methods to Improve the Understanding of the Reactivity and Properties of Boron-containing Molecules" under the supervision of Andrew Leach, Cristina Trujillo, and Jonathan Skelton. The project is also closely associated with the multi-institutional collaborative EPSRC grant "Boron: Beyond the Reagent" where his focus is currently more tailored towards developing boron-based computational methodology with applications in medicinal and materials chemistry.

When not dealing with all things boron, Mauno enjoys playing video games (gachas and MMORPGs in particular) and studying a whole range of unrelated mathematics.