Dr Lia Sotorrios

Leach Research Group

  Lia is now working on the multidisciplinary 5-year programme grant "Boron, Beyond the Reagent". She is working in Manchester with Dr Andrew Leach in collaboration with Prof Guy Lloyd-Jones (University of Edinburgh) in the development of solvation methods for the description of boron-based reactivity.

  Lia completed her PhD in computational chemistry in 2020 at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) under the supervision of Prof Enrique G√≥mez-Bengoa. Her thesis consisted of mechanistic studies on diverse organic and organometallic reactions. She then obtained a position in Heriot-Watt University to work with Prof Stuart Macgregor. The focus of the research was the modelling of organometallic reactivity and analysis of the electronic structure and bonding of heterobimetallic complexes. This work was in collaboration with Prof Mike Whittlesey of Bath University and funded by the EPSRC.