Leach Research Group

Iva Lukac obtained her Masters degree in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology from the University of Edinburgh, with the research project "A computational approach to discover hidden pockets at protein interfaces ".

She was a PhD student in Andrew's group. Her project, The Development and Assessment of Computational Approaches to the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Binding, aimed to assess current, and develop new, computational methods able to predict thermodynamic or kinetic components of ligand binding and assess to widely used experimental techniques: SPR and ITC.

Her publications include:

2) Girod M,Enjalbert Q,Brunet C,Rodolphe A,Lemoine J,Lukac I,Radman M,Krisko A, Dugourd P. Structural basis of protein oxidation resistance: a lysozyme study.PLoS One. 2014;9(7):e101642. 

1)  Kovačević M, Rapić V, Lukač I, Molčanov K, Kodrin I, Barišić L. Novel fully protected muramic acid: A facile synthesis and structural study. J Mol Struct. 2013;1048:349–356.

Iva Lukac